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Double-Time Design provides professional, custom-designed, hand-developed, responsive websites to businesses in the South Jersey area. Our custom website designs are created by in-house graphic designers; we do not use templates. You can be sure to receive a website that looks unique. Other web design companies use WordPress / templates, which can be used multiple times - you could end up with a website that has multiple "twins" on the internet (embarrassing). Because we hand-develop/code all websites, we don't have to succumb to the pitfalls of content management systems such as WordPress. There's no need to worry about "plugin" hassles, security flaws, slow speed, SEO-friendliness, etc. You can read more about the disadvantages of WordPress here. All of our websites are developed to be responsive - they appropriately adjust their content based on the screen size. A non-responsive website causes you to pinch to zoom and scroll left/right to view all items on the page; a terrible experience for the user, especially now that more than half of your website traffic will probably come from someone using a mobile device.

We are local to you in South Jersey (we are not in California, we are not overseas / we do not outsource any work overseas, etc.) This is for your convenience - you can expect excellent customer service with quick response times and constant communication. We want you to be aware that your request has been received, the current status of the project, and when it will be completed. No one can match our attention to our customers. We respond nights/weekends/holidays, because your business may not be closed and you may need our assistance. Being in South Jersey also allows us to be able to meet with you in person. Sometimes it's just easier to go over design elements, discuss large projects, bring vendors together in person.

Not only are we your South Jersey web designers, we are also your local internet marketers, social media team, email host providers, and much more. We know the South Jersey markets and we know the best ways to advertise your business, based on your industry. Search engine optimization is a great way to organically boost your business locally in the South Jersey area - this is probably the most common, effective way of targeting your local market and driving new leads to your website. Using the right combination of email marketing, social media management, review management, etc. can increase brand awareness and expand your reach.

Choosing the right web design company can be tough. Let us explain why we're a step above the competition! Contact Double-Time today to discuss your new website and get a free quote.

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