Email Hosting - Business or Exchange Accounts

Look More Professional with a Company Email

Need a company email addresses ( or paying too much for your current service? We'll get you setup with email accounts that use your website's domain name - ready for all of your devices. These email accounts are fully managed - just let us know what to add/remove at any time. Best of all, we give you flexible options to best suit your needs / requirements:

Business-Class Email
Professional, Affordable Email
  • 25GB Mailboxes, 50MB attachments
  • Secure IMAP (Outlook / mobile)
  • Premium spam/virus protection
  • Fully compatible with Outlook
  • Aliases, email forwarding, and more
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft's Robust Email Platform
  • 100GB Mailboxes, 50MB attachments
  • Secure (Outlook / mobile)
  • Premium spam/virus protection
  • Fully compatible with Outlook
  • Real-time Synchronization
  • Shared calendar, contacts, distribution lists and more
Combination of Both
Exchange & Business Email Combination
  • Choose any number of Exchange mailboxes
  • Choose any number of Business mailboxes
  • Cost effective solution

Compare our modern services and low pricing to your typical IT company. With us, you will receive the following:

  • *Free support is included
  • All accounts are cloud-based, no more old-fashioned in-house servers
  • Much lower costs and much more flexible compared to a typical IT company offering bulky licensed software, subscription services, and gratuitous "disaster recovery plans"
  • Get the best email deliverability (avoid getting marked as spam); SPF & DKIM setup included with every account ("Sender Policy Framework" and "DomainKeys Identified Mail")
  • Nominal fees to migrate and setup email accounts
  • Contact us to discuss pricing and custom solutions

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