SEO Cast Study of Yext

Yext SEO Landing Page Case Study - Double-Time vs Yext

We raised many red flags to our client. It was now Double-Time vs Yext. Who had the best landing pages? What would the client do? Who would they choose and why? read more
SEO Significance

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its Significance

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving your website’s organic position in search engine result pages... read more
Internet Marketing

What is Internet/Digital Marketing?

Which digital marketing medium is right for me? There are many different ways to market yourself/your business digitally... read more
Wordpress worries and warnings

WordPress Worries and Warnings

Unfortunately, just because something is popular doesn't mean it's good. Let's begin with a few of the major issues with WordPress... read more
South Jersey Web Design

South Jersey Web Design

Double-Time Design provides professional, custom-designed, hand-developed, responsive websites to businesses in the South Jersey area. You can expect excellent customer service... read more
Best Web Design Company

How to Choose the Best Website Design Company

It's a daunting task to find a website company that is the perfect fit for your business. Here are some great tips and considerations to help you choose the best web design company... read more
Website Speed Optimization

Your Website Speed is Critical

At just over 4 seconds, the conversion rate drops to under 1% and bounce rate increases by almost 90%. It is clear - customers don't need to wait for your slow website... read more
Yelp Ads are no good

Yelp Ads - Are They Worth It?

Let's examine Yelp Ads. Find out if it's worth your advertising budget or if you're just bound to end up disappointed... read more

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