Yext SEO Landing Page Case Study - Double-Time vs Yext

Who / What is Yext?

Yext a company/service that consolidates your business information across multiple online listings / websites (Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.). This helps you keep track of your information, reduce errors, and ensure all information is accurate (and up to date) on all the various search engine listings, social media platforms, travel/review sites, and more. Yext is a large company with multiple departments and employees. One of their newer offerings is "Yext Local Landing Pages", web pages designed to improve local SEO. But are Yext local landing pages any good?

Double-Time vs Yext

Recently, Yext contacted one of our clients and offered them "Yext Local Landing Pages" service. They spoke with our client's new marketing manager and used technical jargon (and insignificant examples) to make a convincing case. Yext created a bunch of new landing pages to replace the existing pages, which had been developed and maintained by us.

When it came time to publish the new pages, we were able to review the pages and then raised many red flags to our client. It was now Double-Time vs Yext. Who had the best landing pages? What would the client do? Who would they choose and why?

We presented our case clearly, providing reasons and citing data that backed up our points. Yext also presented their case, but again resorted to technical jargon and mentioned that they are a larger company with more clients (as a reason to choose them).

Making the Decision

As a client, what do you do when you have two companies but you don't know which is the best? You turn to a non-biased, credible third party to do the research and make the decision for you.

Our client consulted with a reputable third party and received their analysis and recommendation. Our landing pages would remain. Double-Time had defeated Yext in their attempt to replace perfectly optimized, well-performing landing pages. Additionally, we solidified our relationship with our client and gained the trust (and respect) of the new marketing manager, who then realized Yext had taken advantage of them.

The Case Study

After this decision was made, we were relieved on behalf of our client - it was obvious that switching the landing pages would have significantly hurt our client's SEO (as confirmed by the third party), and therefore would have significantly hurt their sales. After our relief subsided, we then realized this was actually an excellent case study. A third party had just confirmed (through non-biased analysis and testing) that our landing page design, SEO practices, etc. were better than, and even outperformed, Yext (a large corporation).

*Our client and the third party company remain anonymous for this blog post, but are available upon request (they serve as a reference for this story as well as our services).

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